Inetrnational Centre of the Roerichs

Speech by V.V. Frolov
at the Round Table of the 1st conference 
“The Kailas phenomenon and its role in the evolution of man” (April 2014)

V.V. Frolov, Deputy General Director of the Nicholas Roerich Museum on scientific work, Head of the United Scientific Centre for cosmic thinking problems, ICR:

“Scientists, philosophers, eremites or travellers seek the truth by different ways, applying different methods of comprehension the reality. Scientists use empirical and spiritual methods of cognitive activity; some of them use these methods in their unity. Rational thinking and intuitive grasp of faces of the truth are more typical for philosophers. Representatives of religious traditions extract grains of true knowledge in the space of spiritual experience. Travellers use observation and description of what they saw. Such a diversity of approaches to comprehend the Kailas phenomenon has emerged during the conference. At the same time, the conference participants desired to understand the role of Kailas in the evolution of man. Such a view on the past conference could provide a basis for the further cooperation of different people on their way to study the problems associated with this phenomenon. In the future, progress on this path will open up knowledge about the real role of the Kailas phenomenon in the evolution of man and mankind for the scientific and cultural community.” 


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