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Nazima V.K.'s Art Exhibition at the Roerich Estate

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From October 14 to 16, the International Roerich Memorial Trust hosted an exhibition of Indian artist Nazima V.K. The exhibition was inaugurated by guests from Russia Tamara Merges and Vasily Tkachev, heads of the volunteer group of the International Center of the Roerichs (Moscow). The artist and all visitors of the exhibition were cordially welcomed by Suresh Kumar, Indian Curator of the IRMT.

Nazima V.K. was born and received her art education in the Indian state of Karnataka. She loves working with acrylic paints and canvas, experimenting also with different materials such as natural stones, slates and resins. “Art is everything you need throughout the day for all of your life,” believes Nazima. Art gives hope and inspiration, relaxation and motivation. According to the artist, if one is once exposed to true art and its beauty, that connection will last a lifetime.

Most of her works are inspired by nature. Among them are realistic and philosophical landscapes and abstract paintings. “The abstract works get me refreshed, and bring out the creativity in me,” says the artist. She derives joy and satisfaction from painting and strives for her work to be seen by people. And that when people buy her painting, they keep it with the same enthusiasm with which it was painted - only then does Nazima consider her painting complete. Constant aspiration is the main motive of her life and work.

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