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“Divine Strokes” - Exhibition of Paintings by Sadhna Sangar and the Women Artists of the "WE" Group at the Roerich Estate


An exhibition of paintings by renowned artist Sadhna Sangar and her associates from the “WE” Group, Chandigarh was held at the International Roerich Memorial Trust from May 28 to 31, 2023. Mrs. Sunayana Sharma, District Tourism Development Officer, was the Chief Guest at the grand opening of the exhibition titled “Divine Strokes”. The artists were also welcomed by the Indian and Russian curators of the IRMT, the head and members of the creative women's group of the CHAP Foundation, guests and staff of the Roerich Trust.

Professor Sadhna Sangar and her paintings are well known in the Kullu-Manali area. Together with the artists members of the "WE" Group she has been holding painting exhibitions at the Roerich Estate for a number of years. She is also a regular participant in exhibitions organized in collaboration with other art associations of India.

“Women empowerment in India is the most effective tool for development as these days; women across the world are actively working as a leader and surpassing others in all the spheres of life,” - notes Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Pro Chancellor, Chitkara University, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh in the Catalog of the 21st Annual Exhibition of the “WE” Group. – “Fine Arts field is a rare area where not much work has been done so far in Indian context and very few opportunities are created for them. The empowerment of women can bring about the desired results in the women. They can reach great heights given the right opportunities.”

The “WE” Group provides women artists with unique opportunities for creative self-realization; it popularizes art and attracts a new generation to study art and practice painting. In the paintings the authors express their feelings, respond to various social issues, reflect the beauty of nature and call for love and harmony.

“Woman is an instrument in establishing a peaceful society,” - says Sadhna Sangar. – “She establishes socio-cultural harmony and happiness. In this fragmented world where there is conflict, division, chaos and confusion, women counter it with commitment and collective resolve.”

According to Richa Bharti Sharma, Secretary of the “WE” Group, the members of the group are also involved in social issues and hold art classes for children of various social groups.

During the exhibition at the Roerich Estate, Sadhna Sangar held her master class for the students of the Helena Roerich Academy of Arts for children, IRMT.

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