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Since April 28, 2017, the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich went defunct with the illegal seizure of its building and territory.

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Svetoslav Roerich’s Birthday in the Himalayan Roerichs’ Estate

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Birthday of Svetoslav Roerich, the youngest son of Nicholas and Helena Roerichs, an outstanding artist, thinker and public figure who received government awards from various countries, including the highest civilian Order of India “Padma Bhushan” and the Soviet Order of Friendship of Peoples, was celebrated at the Roerichs’ memorial Estate in Naggar on October 23.

By tradition, the celebration began with a shanti puja performed near the Roerichs’ House by a wise priest from the ancient Krishna Temple. He offered to the sky and to the gods good prayers for the world peace, welfare and prosperity, the highest duty and humanity, as well as words of homage to all the spiritual Teachers of the Earth, one of whom was Svetoslav Roerich. After that the flower garlands made of bright marigolds were placed on the sculptures of Svetoslav Roerich and Devika Rani Roerich, installed on May 1 this year next to the Summer Studio of Svetoslav Roerich, as well as on the bronze busts of his parents Nicholas and Helena Roerichs.

“Shambhala – Land of Peace and Freedom” – the opening of the exhibition with such an inviting title was the main event of the festive day. The British artist Carol Fraser has been a great friend of the International Roerich Memorial Trust for many years and has presented her art in the IRMT more than once.

“My art is born out of my deep love of music,” – says Carol, – “ the highest and best of both Western and Indian classical music, that uplifts the human soul to divine-spiritual realms. I see the holy Himalayas as created out of the divine music of the Gods, the dance of Shiva, who dances on the waves of rising rock, as the continental plates draw together. Hidden in their depths are doorways to Shambhala, the hidden Kingdom of Light that penetrates and surrounds our physical planet Earth.”

In Carol’s opinion, our task as human beings is so to develop and enhance Nature and ourselves that we, together with the Earth can be reunited with Shambhala, the Earth of Light, TERRA LUCIDA.

Carol Fraser not only loves music, she herself plays the piano beautifully, and one of her favorite composers was and still is Ludwig van Beethoven. “Beethoven’s music inspires me, awakens me and calls forth courage.” – The artist says. – “His music is heroic. At the age of 30 he lost his hearing completely and felt he was at the end of his life. But from deep within he knew he had to live, for he had a mission. It was after this despair and resolve that he produced the famous compositions that are so well known and loved today.”

“The music inside of him was very much alive.” – Carol continues. – “He could draw it forth from the spiritual worlds, and in his latest works that is a transcendent blessedness and holy joy. There are phrases from his last string quartets where I feel he was truly at the feet of God, phrases full of divine light and love. This wonderful holy light and love are also found in his last piano sonatas, which I used to play.

I think it is this journey from despair though courage and heroism to spiritual illumination that has so attracted me to Beethoven. I do not usually try to portray his music directly in painting, though I am inspired in a general way. But you could say that the Himalayas are for me a direct equivalent in nature of his being and his music.”

The festive program took place in the IRMT Conference Hall. A festive musical gift for Carol Fraser and all the guests present at the celebration was prepared by the teachers and students of the Helena Roerich Academy of Arts for Children.

The birthday of Svetoslav Roerich was the final day of the October Russian-Indian Festival of Culture in the Roerichs’ estate in Naggar. “It is wonderful if this high gift is given in life, due to it, all the dark, all the miserable turns into the joyfulness of spirit.” – Nicholas Roerich wrote about the work of his youngest son Svetoslav. – “And how happily we must welcome those who by the will of fate can bring the beautiful into life!”

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