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Films on the life and evolutionary work of the Roerichs

Frontline at Znamenka: Watch in the name of Culture

On 28 April 2017 Maliy Znamensky lane was marked by a Frontline, an invisible line which divided the 26 year history of the International Center of the Roerichs (ICR) into the period “before” and “after”.

In the past the International Center of the Roerichs and its non-governmental Museum named after Nicholas Roerich were recognized internationally, they organized travelling exhibitions, international scientific conferences, issued books and magazines... And now the Museum is destroyed by the Ministry of Culture and the Roerichs heritage seized.

It means that there should be a non-governmental control over the actions of the intruders here at Frontline. The documentary covers the history of the establishment of the non-governmental Museum named after Nicholas Roerich, its heyday and barbarous destruction. Please, help to spread the documentary, so that more people would know the truth about an unprecedented tragedy of our culture.

Roerich. The Call of Cosmic evolution (2013)

"The Call of Cosmic evolution" is a film by Ludmila Shaposhnikova, Director General of the Museum named after Nicholas Roerich in Moscow.

This film is dedicated to two outstanding 20th Century figures: Nicholas Roerich and his wife, Helena Roerich. In the film for the first time is discovered the evloutionary meaning of their eminent contribution to the world culture. The philosophy of cosmic reality the Living Ethics, Central Asian Expedition, Himalayan Research Institute "Urusvati", an international treaty known as the Roerich Pact were the main evolutionary actions of the Roerichs which enabled to shape new mentality and new cosmic counsciousness on our planet.


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